Flash CC2531 using a Raspberry PI 4

Many guides exist describing how to flash a CC2531 USB adapter using a Raspberry Pi instead of a CC debugger. The problem with almost all of those guides is that they are outdated and don’t work on newer devices (specifically with 64 bit architecture). Most of the times the issues have to do with outdated version of wiring PI, or the precompiled for 32 bit devices cc_* binaries (cc_chipid, cc_read, cc_write). In this guide you will learn how to flash CC2531 using a Raspberry PI 4 or any other device with 64 bit architecture OS.

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Raspberry PI 4, 400 and CM custom MAC Address

Today I read this official document (published on September of 2022) which describes how to change the MAC Address of Raspberry PI Devices. Interestingly it describes a different method for Raspberry Pi 4, 400 and CM 4 by editing the EEPROM configuration, using the following command:

sudo -E rpi-eeprom-config --edit

In the configuration file append a new line with the required MAC Address as follows:


Save the new configuration (Use Ctrl + X to stop editing, Y to overwrite current file and ENTER to confirm). Upon saving the following message appears:


Finally, reboot your device in order to apply the new MAC Address. Warning If the device gets IP from a DHCP server, then most probably after the reboot it will be assigned with a new IP address.

This is a different (and simpler) technique from the one which I described in a previous post (which works for all models)